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Why register

Registration help

Registration is free and your information is not given to any third party. All visitors are invited to register and log in to the community. There will be absolutely no expenses for the registering to use this web site.

    1. Privileges of a registered user:
    1. see all the members of the


    1. site and you will see the statistical information. You can submit news and write comments on existing news. You will gain access to

As a registered user you can:

      • Post comments signed with your user name on existing news
      • Submit news signed with your user name
      • Down load files
      • See the contact information on people involved in LWF Asia work
      • see the statistical information on site visitors
      • see all registered user of the entire site
      • participate in the discussion forum
      • Receiving quick and special information available to the group/committee
      • and a number of other facilities…


How to register

Click on the “Registration” link at the top of the page to fill in the form. First you need to type in your user name. Since we are a transparent community we encourage people to register with user name people will recognize who you are. We recommend to use the Christian name or Family name as your user name.

Type in your email address. Type the same email to another field in order to avoid spelling mistakes. If you mistype your email, you will never get the password and you have to register again.

Tick in the box “I agree…”. You can tick also the first box if you wish to share your email with other users.

Scroll down and fill your name, your web site (if you have one). Select your time zone from the drop down menu and all the time stamps will appear correctly. Type in your location (Bangkok, Thailand). You can give some extra information if you wish. Finally click on the “New User” button to send your form.

Your registration is ready and you can login with your user name and password.

Type in your user name and password on the “log in” box at the top left and click on “Log in” button. You can tick in the box and the computer will remember your log in for the future.

How to change your password and all your information you gave on registration?

Log in and click on “My Account” link at the top left on the Main menu and it will open the new page in the middle. Click on “Edit your information” and the next page you can change your password and all details. How to choose a good password)

Registration is needed on the ALN web site to share information with the communion. This site you can see the things which is available for the web master only on the normal page. It is not good to share an email address on the open page but it is safe when we have log in procedure to protect us. The main page information is available on Google search but the information behind the log in is never indexed.

This site has got some special groups/committees and they can share news among themselves. Only “admin” can give you access on the specific group. On the discussion board you can join the groups where you want to participate in.

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