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The Harbakks Receive the King’s Silver Medals :: Asia Lutheran Communion :: Communication Creates Communion

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The Harbakks Receive the King’s Silver Medals

Posted by: Areopagos on Mar 03, 2009 – 08:27 PM | Read 999 times

Kari Harbakk and Ernst Harbakk
Areopagos veterans Kari & Ernst Harbakk have both been awarded silver medals from the King of Norway for distinguished service in their careers, which have spanned four decades.

In Kari’s case, the medal was awarded on the basis of her pioneering and inventive social engagement in China, while Ernst received acknowledgement as as leading sinologist and someone who has contributed to shape the missionary effort in China.


Kari Harbakk Ernst HarbakkThe couple received the medals in a reception, which brought together a number of friends and network partners. Among these were also two of the Harbakks’ closest collaborators in Asia, director Daniel Yeung of the Institute of Sino-Christian Studies and project coordinator Li Enlin of Shincon/Amity Foundation.

As friends and colleagues in Areopagos, we would also like to extend warm congratulations to Kari & Ernst for this well-deserved honour.

Areopagos Newsletter-Feb 09

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Yes, our heartiest congratulations to the Harbakks too! A well deserved reward and recognition for a life of dedication for God and others. God bless! – Sally Lim

Hearty Congratulations

It is truly an honour to congratulate Kari & Ernst Harbakk for being

awarded silver medals from the King of Norway due to their wonderful and

successful services in Asia.

On behalf of the Asia Desk of the Lutheran World Federation, Department

for Mission and Development, I thank Kari and Ernst Harbakk for their

life’s work with the churches in Asia, particularly in China. For what

they have done and what they mean to us in Asia, we are in their eternal

debt. We always keep a good and warm memory of our joint mission venture

in the Mekong region.

We wish both of them good health and strength to be involved in many

more years of fruitful service.

Yours very sincerely,

Ginda P Harahap

Asia Secretary

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