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Malaysian Christian leader denounces confiscation of Bibles :: Asia Lutheran Communion :: Communication Creates Communion

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Malaysian Christian leader denounces confiscation of Bibles

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Feb 07, 2008 – 09:22 PM | Read 877 times

Singapore (ENI). The seizure by Malaysian customs officials of 32 English-language Bibles from a Christian woman who was bringing them into the country for a study group has prompted an outcry from Christians in the Muslim-majority country. "The Council of Churches is flabbergasted that such acts are happening in our country with such frequency and impunity," said the Rev. Hermen Shastri, general secretary of the Council of Churches of Malaysia. "We want to state categorically that the Bible is Holy Scripture for Christians," he added. "No authority on earth should deny Christians the right to possess, read and travel with their Bibles."

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