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LWF Sunday 2006 :: Asia Lutheran Communion :: Communication Creates Communion

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LWF Sunday 2006

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Sep 12, 2006 – 11:01 AM | Read 1036 times

The global Lutheran communion comprises 140 member churches in 78 countries with a total membership of 66.2 million Christians. The size of the communion, together with the many different traditions and customs it embraces, is an impressive expression of Christian unity in our world. The annual Lutheran World Federation Sunday-held on or around Reformation Sunday-celebrates and gives thanks for this rich diversity.

The LWF Council adopted the idea of LWF Sunday in 1995 in hope that churches would celebrate such a day every year beginning in 1997 when the Federation commemorated its fiftieth anniversary. The themes chosen for each LWF Sunday until now can be found in the 1997 Hong Kong Assembly Study Book. But from 2001 focus is being given to particular aspects of LWF work to stress the scope of worldwide Lutheran Christian and humanitarian commitment.

Note: A link to LWF Sunday worship liturgy at end of article – click "Read full article"

Each year, a member church or churches and LWF Council member(s) in one of each of the seven LWF geographical regions (Africa, Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean, North America, Eastern Central Europe, Nordic countries, and Western Central Europe) take turns to prepare a suggested thanksgiving and celebration service.

With coordination from the Geneva Secretariat, member churches in the other regions adapt it for their own use. A message from the LWF General Secretary with the liturgy devised by the region and information on the Federation are sent to member churches.

While it may not always be possible to set aside an entire church service for LWF Sunday, churches are encouraged to do so, using their own congregational resources, music, and worship traditions. Thus, LWF Sunday is itself an expression of the values of communion.

Lutherans have always stressed the close connection between faith and worship. Praying, giving thanks and rejoicing together unites the LWF member churches as a communion within the universal Christian church and awareness of the Federation’s worldwide role is heightened.

The PDF versions of the LWF Sunday 2006 (including a worship liturgy) are ready for download from the LWF Web site at www.lutheranworld.org/LWF_Documents/LWF_Sunday_2006-EN.pdf

There are two versions; one for larger print runs in high quality (around 700 KB) and one in low resolution and for easy download (around 200 KB).

Please find the different language versions at:

German French and Spanish go to Lutheran World Federation wbe site.

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