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LWF Invites Online Contributions

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Jul 31, 2007 – 12:34 AM | Read 1070 times

Donate LWFAn Opportunity to Support the Communion’s Worldwide Activities

It is now possible to donate directly online to the humanitarian, mission and development work of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), as well as to its general programs. A new donation portal with the slogan "Get Involved – Make a Difference – A Better World is Possible," invites Internet users to support the communion’s worldwide activities.

Make your contribution to the LWF through: http://donations.lutheranworld.org

An opportunity is offered to enter into partnership with the LWF and accompany its work on a long-term basis. As described by LWF Office for Communication Services Director, Ms Karin Achtelstetter, the portal allows LWF Web site visitors to "go on a voyage of discovery, find out about the LWF’s many different programs and projects, be surprised, return, and tell others about it." Achtelstetter explained that it was not just a matter of transferring money. She said she hoped that many Internet users would lend themselves "to discover the wide range of LWF work, advocate for change, and thereby contribute to its success."

In making it possible to contribute to projects and programs online, Achtelstetter continued, the LWF was responding to an oft-expressed wish. She said, "time and again we have received inquiries from visitors to our Web site asking how they could contribute directly to our work through donations."

LWF Department for World Service (DWS) Director, Rev. Eberhard Hitzler, has great expectations for the donation portal. He said he hopes that more people, especially young people, can be reached in this way. "We also want to make clear that, in our rich world, there are millions of people who are refugees, or who suffer from the effects of natural disasters and wars, and that we, as a worldwide communion of churches, want to and are able to help these people," he said.

"It would be good if, through the donation portal, we could also raise people’s awareness in Africa, Asia, and Latin America about our work. Not everyone on those continents is poor and receives assistance. My greatest wish is that Christians the world over support World Service so that we, in their name, can help wherever in the world help is most needed." Hitzler said he was very eager to see whether contributions would be received not only from rich northern countries but also, for example, from Christians in countries such as India or South Africa who wanted to help lessen people’s suffering in other places such as Nepal or Chad.

Donations to any of the LWF programs and projects of the LWF departments’ global humanitarian and development work, as well as to the LWF in general, and to the LWF Endowment Fund, are gratefully accepted via credit card. The fund serves primarily to strengthen and supplement, through capital returns, financial support for the work of the LWF. The programs and projects can also be selected according to specific issues.

The LWF online donation portal can be accessed at: http://donations.lutheranworld.org

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Re: LWF Invites Online Contributions
I tried this online donation system and donated 10 euro using my Visa card. It was simple and fast. I am happy they do have this kind of system. Unfortunately there is no DMD programs you can donate.

Hopefully in the future you can donate for programs in Asia like this Asia Lutheran News.

Try this system and you will find it simple and fast!

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