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How to write news for ALN

First: Please choose American English spelling.

Please structure the texts as news stories with good, clear headlines and a lead sentence at the beginning of the story.

Please remember: the reader will decide to read the story if the headline and the first sentences are of interest.

The lead sentence should give the most important information. The first paragraph has to answer the following questions:

Who? What? Where? When? How? Why? From where (what is the source)?

Most important information should come first in a sentence and also in a paragraph. Journalists very often just read the first paragraph of a news story, so they should understand the whole issue reading this first article.

Please don’t use an internal language and internal phrases, don’t use abbreviations or explain them. Our readers are mostly not insiders, for this reason we should explain as much as possible. If a reader can’t understand what we are talking about he or she becomes frustrated.

Please use a clear descriptive language, if the reader gets a picture, an image – he/she will understand and remember.

Please use short sentences and read your article carefully after and check if you would understand it.

At the end of a story you should give background information which allows the reader to have a comprehensive information.

Length: 400 – 500 words are best, if you need more space please not more than 700- 800.

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