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First Woman Ordination in Chinese Rhenish Church, Hong Kong

Posted by: CRC-HKSynod on May 17, 2010 – 02:37 AM | Read 836 times

CRCHKS first woman's ordinationAfter a relatively long period of deliberation, discussion at different levels, and going through the necessary procedural approval, the Chinese Rhenish Church, Hong Kong Synod (CRCHKS) is now happy to announce May 30th, 2010 as the day CRCHKS will ordain its first woman — Ms Siu-ling Ho — a church deaconess who had served in one of the congregations since her graduation from seminary in 1994.

Since missionary days over a century ago, all pastors working with the Chinese Rhenish Church, Hong Kong Synod (CRC HK Synod) have been men, working harmoniously with other church workers and teachers that make up of both men and women. As time passes and with the changes in society, especially when there are more educated/capable women in our churches and with the emphasis on gender equality in church ministry, there is an ever increasing expectation for women to minister as pastors in the congregation.

Though there are still some controversies among different theologians about the ordination of women, the recent consensus from the clergy and church leadership of the CRC HK Synod were in favour to remove the prejudices against woman in regard to positions in ministry. Besides, the experiences from other churches in Hong Kong with woman pastors are mostly positive.

Nevertheless, there could still be some misunderstanding and queries among some church members on this issue. Therefore, more explanations are necessary to prepare their hearts. There is also the need to follow proper procedures stipulated by the Synod regulations, first by making an amendment to the constitutions at the General Assembly, followed by the passing of the motion for woman pastors.
Currently, it is a governing principle of the CRC HK Synod that there should be no discrimination against gender for promotion or ordination as a church worker to a pastoral position. The ordination criteria will be based on the in-depth understanding of the Christian Faith (including significance of the Lutheran theology and the structure and traditions of the CRC), performance in church ministry and/or the Synod, besides other recognised merits.

After ordination, Ms Siu-ling Ho’s responsibilities will focus on pastoral work in caring for members and preaching the Gospel.

We are looking forward to having more and more woman pastors ordained in the future.

Mr Leon Chau
Executive Secretary
Chinese Rhenish Church, Hong Kong Synod
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