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Education to Dalits

Posted by: Dasari on Oct 10, 2010 – 09:49 PM | Read 865 times

Dalits, a Telugu word used for untouchables in Andhra Pradesh in India.

One hundred years ago, missionaries from various countries concentrated on this community when they came to India. Schools were provided to help them stand on their own feet. After a century, things have changed and this great burden has now fallen on the church in India.

The association of Free Lutheran Congregations has recognized the problem in this community. But they were also confronted with another problem when all foreign missionaries left when India got its independence. These so called Dalit Christians were counted as Hindus in the records of the Indian government because majority of them are getting benefits from the government who hopes to have more Hindus.

The AFLC of India has taken this as a challenge and established a school for Dalit Christian children. These children are getting good quality education to prepare them for higher education like the upper caste children by the grace of our Lord.

The school has been prayerfully supported by the president Rev Alvin Pinno of AFLC Canada. The school needs many other peoples prayerful support to establish a certain standard in the society.


Rev.Dasari. Luther Sastry
AFLC of India,
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