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LWF Invites Online Contributions :: Asia Lutheran Communion :: Communication Creates Communion

Topic: 5.Geneva

LWF Invites Online Contributions

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Jul 31, 2007 – 12:34 AM | Read 1070 times

Donate LWFAn Opportunity to Support the Communion’s Worldwide Activities

It is now possible to donate directly online to the humanitarian, mission and development work of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), as well as to its general programs. A new donation portal with the slogan "Get Involved – Make a Difference – A Better World is Possible," invites Internet users to support the communion’s worldwide activities.

Make your contribution to the LWF through: http://donations.lutheranworld.org

An opportunity is offered to enter into partnership with the LWF and accompany its work on a long-term basis. As described by LWF Office for Communication Services Director, Ms Karin Achtelstetter, the portal allows LWF Web site visitors to "go on a voyage of discovery, find out about the LWF’s many different programs and projects, be … Read more

LINK UP! New LWF DMD & DTS Web Pages :: Asia Lutheran Communion :: Communication Creates Communion

Topic: 5.Geneva

LINK UP! New LWF DMD & DTS Web Pages

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Jun 05, 2007 – 10:56 PM | Read 1043 times

DMD website
We are pleased to inform you that the new DMD & DTS web pages have been published. The new web section includes new pages, new and updated texts, new images and captions, a new main and left side navigation as well as many PDF documents.

Please have a look at (English):

DMD site click here

DTS site click here

The German version will follow later. Please also invite your networks and contact persons to visit the LWF/DMD & DTS web pages. (DMD: Department for Mission & Development; DTS: Department for Theology & Studies)

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A bridge of fellowship across Asia :: Asia Lutheran Communion :: Communication Creates Communion

Topic: 5.Strengthening

A bridge of fellowship across Asia

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Jan 14, 2006 – 02:37 PM | Read 1997 times

This year as members of the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church (JELC) gather to worship the Prince of Peace and sing "O Little Town of Bethlehem" at Christmas time, they will do so with a new understanding of both peace and Bethlehem.

Although Japan and Bethlehem stand at opposite ends of the vast Asian continent, there is now a new bridge that connects the two. It is the bridge of fellowship under girded by faith, which has been made visible through the visit of the Rev Dr Mitri Raheb to Japan, pastor of Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem.

Dr Raheb came to Japan at the invitation of JELC in August this year to share his ministry through lectures in Tokyo and Kyoto, and to preach at Hiroshima Lutheran Church … Read more

Protest against a Fashionable Bottle Water Rights Campaigns :: Asia Lutheran Communion :: Communication Creates Communion

Topic: 6.Viewpoints

Protest against a Fashionable Bottle Water Rights Campaigns

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Feb 15, 2007 – 08:51 PM | Read 1281 times

It became fashionable for Linus Njoroge, a street boy at the 7th World Social Forum (WSF) in Nairobi, Kenya, to carry one bottle of water in his hip pocket and another in his hand.

He had gone to the Moi International Sports Center, Kasarani, to see "this big meeting" where thousands of people had converged to discuss the possibility of ‘another world’. But what he found out was that everyone there carried bottled water, unlike his, which he had filled in a nearby tap.

Njoroge’s case could be isolated, but the anger that marked the protests on water rights at the 20-25 January 2007 WSF tells of a new conflict, which might catch many governments unaware, according to some of the WSF participants.

The story from … Read more

LWF Sunday 2006 :: Asia Lutheran Communion :: Communication Creates Communion

Topic: 5.Geneva

LWF Sunday 2006

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Sep 12, 2006 – 11:01 AM | Read 1036 times

The global Lutheran communion comprises 140 member churches in 78 countries with a total membership of 66.2 million Christians. The size of the communion, together with the many different traditions and customs it embraces, is an impressive expression of Christian unity in our world. The annual Lutheran World Federation Sunday-held on or around Reformation Sunday-celebrates and gives thanks for this rich diversity.

The LWF Council adopted the idea of LWF Sunday in 1995 in hope that churches would celebrate such a day every year beginning in 1997 when the Federation commemorated its fiftieth anniversary. The themes chosen for each LWF Sunday until now can be found in the 1997 Hong Kong Assembly Study Book. But from 2001 focus is being given to particular aspects of LWF work to stress the scope … Read more

New feature on ALN web site. :: Asia Lutheran Communion :: Communication Creates Communion

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New feature on ALN web site.

Posted by: Timo on Mar 04, 2007 – 10:33 PM | Read 1587 times

Good news for all of you with slow internet connection! This is a new feature designed for those with new handheld computers (mobile phones) or old computers with an old modem connection.

Now you can download the titles of the news before downloading the whole ALN page. This is very handy with mobile systems like hand held computer, palmtops and mobile telephones. This site will transfer minimum kilobytes, around 3000 kb, without graphics in order to give you fast and cost-effective way to browse the news titles before opening the whole article. The address you need to type in your mobile gadget is http://mobile.asia-lutheran.org. This offers a fast way to see the titles with slow internet connection.

You can check the site with you browser by clicking … Read more