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Online Prayer Requests  Popular

Fastest growing prayer request website. East, fast, and free. Joing the community today!
Added on: 04-Oct-2006 | hits: 1229
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4th Bethlehem intercultural conference  Popular

Salaam from Bethlehem. Our 4th Bethlehem intercultural conference has been scheduled for the period August 26-Sept 1, 2007. A group of about 100 people from different countries will come together to discuss the topic of "God's Reign & People's Rule: Religious Communities, Political Entities & Civil Societies in Palestine." At a time when sectarian identities are gaining ground and becoming more vocal, leading several countries to war, many choose to ignore the issue of "religious identities versus national ideologies" and see it as being too controversial. Yet at this time of local and regional turmoil we believe that Christians are not spectators but actors, and that their reflection is crucial for determining the identity of the region. The conference will give us the chance to look into different contexts, both regional (Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt) and international, in order to facilitate a new discussion that is crucial for the future of our region and our world. Registration forms, tentative programs and details are available online; we would like to encourage you to visit our website: www.annadwa.org
Added on: 14-Apr-2007 | hits: 851
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Luther and Islam: An Asian Perspective  Popular

J. Paul Rajashekar, Secretary for Dialogue with People of Other Faiths in the Department of Studies, Lutheran World Federation, Geneva. He was formerly a member of the Faculty of United Theological College, Bangalore, India, teaching systematic theology. Article from Faculty of Theology University of Oslo Digital Archive
Added on: 17-Jan-2008 | hits: 754
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LWF youth site  Popular

The blog of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Youth Desk. Young adults from around the world write about youth ministry and events, about their life, faith and justice.
Added on: 07-Aug-2007 | hits: 898
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The International Lutheran Seafarers' Mission Singapore  Popular

The International Lutheran Seafarers' Mission is a joint outreach program of the Lutheran Church in Singapore with the following partners: * Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria * Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea * German Seamens' Mission. Our Mission: To extend Christian love by ministering to the spiritual and practical needs of seafarers. We offer a warm welcome, a helping hand and friendship to seafarers from around the world who enter the ports of Singapore.
Added on: 18-Aug-2007 | hits: 906
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Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA)  Popular

Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA) is a membership-based regional human rights organization in Asia and presently, it has 40 member organizations in 15 countries in Asia. It was founded following a consultation among human rights and development NGOs in Asia held in Manila in December 1991. Its regional Secretariat has been located in Bangkok, Thailand since 1994. FORUM-ASIA has since its foundation strived to empower people by advocating social justice, sustainable human development, participatory democracy, gender equality, peace and human security through collaboration and cooperation among human rights organizations in the region. As one of the leading NGOs in the regional platform, it seeks to facilitate dialogue, capacity-building and networking among human rights defenders, civil society actors and organizations in Asia to achieve a full realization of all the human rights and human development in the region. FORUM-ASIA, who has obtained an NGO in Consultative Status with the UN in 2004, also promotes cooperation among governments, inter-governmental organizations and the UN for the betterment of people's lives and the full respect of human dignity.
Added on: 10-Oct-2007 | hits: 758
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Ablaze! is not a program-- it is a movement. The Ablaze! movement began as a vision of LCMS World Mission and was quickly shared with partners around the world. The Ablaze! movement is a coalition of partners-- individuals, congregations, LCMS districts, mission societies, partner church bodies, and the like-- that share the same values and commitment to a common cause. Ablaze! partners share the goal of working together and doing whatever it takes to share the Good News with 100 million people worldwide by the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.
Added on: 18-Jan-2008 | hits: 822
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Robert@PNG  Popular

Adventures of an australian volunteer living and working in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, also known as the Land of the Unexpected. This blog is about the close interaction with tribal custom, clans, street sellers and settlements through anecdotes, observations, rantings and photos. With the odd rave about Wordpress included.
Added on: 02-Dec-2008 | hits: 833
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The Malabar Mission Society  Popular

The Malabar Mission Society was formed in 1988 when Rev. Dr. Roland Miller shared his experiences as a 23-year-veteran missionary to India. Dr. Miller and his wife, Mary Helen, had ministered to the spiritual and physical needs of the people of India from 1953 to 1976. They knew and loved many of the people, and felt the need for a means of assuring assistance -- both financial and through prayer -- so the ministry there could continue and grow.
Added on: 11-Jan-2009 | hits: 595
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South Asian Mission - Indian Christian Fellowship in USA  Popular

Welcome to the South Asian Mission - Indian Christian Fellowship. We are people of South Asian Diaspora coming together in learning, teaching and supporting each other to know more about God the Creator, Redeemer and Helper! We believe that the Holy Bible is an inerrant written Word of God which is the only norm of our faith and practice. We rejoice in walking together with the brothers and sisters of these confessions around the world. We are saints and sinners who are redeemed from sin and death by the Grace of God alone. We cannot be saved by our good works nor good behaviors nor on our own efforts of saying, "I found the Lord and got saved". Instead, we say, "God found us" and redeemed us. We meet on Sundays to celebrate and worship the Lord and as often as we could to pray, learn and discuss to help us grow in the knowledge of God. We welcome you to be a part of our Family and worship with us.
Added on: 22-Jan-2009 | hits: 640
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evangelical Lutheran School in Beit Sahour  Popular

This is the Lutheran School in BEit Sahour, the city where I serve as a pastor
Added on: 27-Mar-2009 | hits: 599
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