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The Bible Doll Story

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Sunday, June 03, 2007 | Read 15803 times
An exciting ministry by a Japanese Lutheran puppet artist, Mrs. Hiroko Sugioka

Jesus sentenced to death. Piece of puppet art by Mrs. Hiroko Sugioka “It all began about six years ago when I was asked to draw pictures for Sunday School collecting cards in my own congregation in Japan”, tells Mrs Hiroko Sugioka, a Japanese puppet artist holding a small scenery of dolls in her hands. “At the time I had not been drawing a lot but I said yes anyway. However, I found drawing very difficult”, she says.

“At that time I made doll houses and dolls as an interest; it was just a hobby. It was my idea to make scenery on those Bible verses to be printed on the cards.”


Women as Ambassadors for Transformation

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Monday, April 23, 2007 | Read 1929 times
The Adivasi Women Empowerment programme for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Himalayan States (ELCITHS) was held in Zoami colony, Manipur. The theme chosen was “Women as Ambassadors for Transformation”. 52 women and 12 men participated in the programme which included devotion, bible study, special session on “Status of women - Socio – economic – political empowerment – Millennium Development Goals, and leadership qualities.


Cambodia Mission

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Monday, April 16, 2007 | Read 2675 times
The interest of the Lutheran Church in Singapore (LCS) in the Cambodia mission is a result of and response to the Mekong Mission Forum (MMF), a mission project of LWF. Through the MMF, LWF is trying to coordinate mission works among Lutheran churches and mission agencies in the Mekong Delta.

In July 2004, the LCS team which includes Bishop John Tan and Rev William Chang, led a fact-finding team to Cambodia which comprised representatives from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria (ELCB), Danmission and Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church (JELC).


First Women's Ordination, TELC, India

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Monday, February 05, 2007 | Read 3872 times
TELC ordination service
A new leaf was added to the book of the Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church (TELC), a member church of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church in India (UELCI), when it ordained women for the first time in its history. The ordination service was held on Reformation Day on October 31, in Tiruchi under the auspices of Rt Rev Dr T Aruldoss, Bishop, TELC. The same day also marked the LWF Sunday. The service ordained six women, nine men and commissioned four theologically trained men.


Internet Connection Disrupted by Earthquake

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Monday, February 05, 2007 | Read 1919 times
THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28 - Internet and telecommunication services were disrupted throughout East Asia yesterday, after a powerful earthquake off Taiwan’s coastal damaged several undersea cables on Tuesday. The disruptions were widespread, hitting Singapore, China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and even Australia.

Rev Selma Chen, a pastor of the Lutheran Church of Taiwan and council member of the Lutheran World Federation, was leading a Bible study with a group of members in Kaohsiung when the earthquakes occurred.


Gutnius Lutheran Church’s 22nd Convention

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Wednesday, August 23, 2006 | Read 1717 times

Bishop David Piso, GLC PG, Papua New Guinea, Rev. David Piso was reelected as Head Bishop of GLC PNG for another 4–year term during the church’s 22nd convention, which took place from 28th June to 4 July 2006. The convention with the theme “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His love endures forever” (Psalm 106:1) was attended by 650 official delegates and thousands of visitors. There were also more women delegates at this convention than in all previous years.

In the next few years the church will be emphasizing ministries in the area of nurture, stewardship, mission as well as a 5-year plan on HIV/AIDS awareness campaign at all level of the church through seminars, Bible study and preaching.


South-South Cooperation

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Tuesday, August 22, 2006 | Read 1615 times

East India - Malaysia Emerging partnership between India and Malaysia

Bishop Gideon Devanesan and four other members of the Arcot Lutheran Church (ALC), South India, made a visit to attend the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Junior Work in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malaysia (ELCM), Malaysia.

One of the outcomes of this visit was a proposed formal partnership between the ELCM and ALC. This partnership will mainly focus on capacity building programmes and joint mission initiatives.


New Leadership in GKPA

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Sunday, August 20, 2006 | Read 1783 times

New leaders were elected during the recent Synod meeting of the Christian Protestant Angkola Church (GKPA) from July 11-16, 2006. Ephorus Sabam P Marpaung was succeeded by the Rev Abraham L Hutosoit, while the Rev Pinda H Harahap was elected as the Church’s General Secretary. The term is from 2006 – 2011 (GKPA)


Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malaysia & Singapore

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Friday, August 18, 2006 | Read 5265 times
FELMS Leaders
The Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Churches Malaysia (FELCMS) had its General Meeting at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in May 2006. At the meeting, Bishop Julius Paul (ELCM) was elected as Chairperson, Bishop Voo Thien Fui (BCCM) as Secretary and Bishop Philip Lok (LCMS) as Treasurer.


Celebrating 300 Years of Mission in India

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Thursday, July 06, 2006 | Read 3531 times
Ziegenbalg's Commitment to serve the Church and Society Remembered

Inauguration of the celebrations on July 3, 2006, Chennai

The week-long celebration marking the ter-centenary of the beginning of Protestant mission in India was inaugurated today at the Gurukul Lutheran Theological College (Chennai, India) by His Excellency Surjit Singh Barnala, the Governor of Tamil Nadu. The celebrations marked the three hundredth anniversary of the arrival at Tranquebar (Tamil Nadu) of Bartholomaus Ziegenbalg, the first Protestant missionary in India. The programmes are being jointly organized by the United Evangelical Lutheran Church in India, the National Council of Churches in India, the Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute.


Request for help from Yogyakarta

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Monday, June 19, 2006 | Read 1854 times
Dear Friends in Christ

On 27th May, 2006 Saturday morning, as you may have heard through the media, another natural disaster has struck Indonesia. The earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale (by Indonesian National Meteorology and Geophysics, but other sources measure the quake at 6.2), rattled Yogyakarta and its surrounding towns while people were on full alert for the rumbling Merapi volcano.

In less than a minute, that earthquake brought down thousands of poorly constructed houses and buildings, turning them into tombs for thousands of people. The newspaper on Tuesday 30, 2006, reported of 5,130 death and some homeless survivors camping in cattle shed and others begging for food from passersby.


JELC Biennial Assembly & Power Mission 21 (PM 21)

Posted by: Person on Monday, May 22, 2006 | Read 2646 times
From left to right, Mr. Masahiro Sekiguchi -Treasurer; Rev. Sumiyuki Watanabe - Vice President; Rev. Masatoshi Yamanouchi- President; Rev. Shunichiro Matsuoka - Executive Director The Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church (JELC) held its regularly scheduled biennial national assembly on May 3-5, 2006. Elections were held for all major posts within the church administration. President Masatoshi Yamanouchi (3rd from left) and Vice President Sumiyuki Watanabe (2nd from left) were re-elected to what will be their final term, and Rev. Shunichiro Matsuoka (1st right) was nominated and confirmed for the position of Executive Director. Rev. Masahiro Sekiguchi (1st left) is JELC treasurer.

The main order of business of the assembly was to evaluate the progress of Power Mission 21 (PM 21), the ten year evangelism and church restructuring program adopted by the JELC in 2002, as well as make needed by-law and constitutional changes to further strengthen PM 21.


Sudden Demise of Rev Dr Prasanna Kumari Samuel

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Thursday, March 16, 2006 | Read 5684 times
Dr Prasanna Kumari
We are very sad to inform you that Rev. Dr. Prasanna Kumari Samuel, passed away at 11 a.m. on Thursday, the 16th March 2006 at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai due to a massive cardiac arrest. The plans for the burial will be intimated to you later on.

Rev. Dr. Prasanna Kumari Samuel, a theologian and a Church leader has held several important positions in the global as well as the national Church. She is currently the Vice-President of the National Council of Churches in India. She is also the Head of the Department of Women's Studies, Gurukul. Formerly the Vice-President of the Lutheran World Federation, she has contributed tremendously to the life of the Church, globally and in India.

The Lutheran communion and the Gurukul family expresses its deep sadness at this sudden demise of Rev. Dr. Prasanna Kumari Samuel.

Dr. K. Rajaratnam, Director, Gurukul Dr. Mani Chacko, Principal, Gurukul
Rev. Dr. Chandran Paul Martin, Executive Secretary UELCI
Rt. Rev. Gideon Devanesan, President, UELCI


WICAS Regional Coordinators Meet in Chennai, India

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Sunday, January 22, 2006 | Read 1869 times
CHENNAI, India/GENEVA, 5 December 2005 (LWI) * Economic globalization, HIV/AIDS, violence against women and ordination of women were among topics discussed at a meeting of regional coordinators of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Office for Women in Church and Society (WICAS) in Chennai, India.

Twelve regional coordinators from Botswana, Canada, Chile, Iceland, India, Korea, Madagascar, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Peru, Sierra Leone, and the Slovak Republic, and Ms Priscilla Singh, LWF Department for Mission in Development (DMD) WICAS secretary, discussed their work with regard to strengthening the role of women in church and society, November 23-27.


“Growing Together With God” Affirmed by the Indian Lutheran Church

Posted by: LWF-Asia on Sunday, January 22, 2006 | Read 2169 times
Press release: United Evangelical Lutheran Church in India

November 21 - “Growing Together With God” Affirmed by the Indian Lutheran Church
In a calm, quiet and serene climate the 26th Triennial Conference of United Evangelical Lutheran Church in India begins at Dumka, Jharkhand on 20th November with the theme “Growing together with GOD”. Delegates from eleven member churches attended. Rt.Rev L.G. Rao, President, UELCI declared open the conference.

Most Rev. Shiblal Soren, Moderator, NELC and Rev. Dr. Chandran Paul Martin Executive Secretary of UELCI welcomed the delegates for the Triennial. Rev. Dr. Kjell Nordstokke, Director of Department for Mission and Development for the LWF, Geneva delivered the keynote address.
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